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As we explore our fitness journey, we often find that the best workouts are the ones shared. So, let’s dive into the benefits when you bring a friend or partner aboard the Soul.Train fitness experience, especially in the light of our exciting “Refer a Friend Month” promotion.


Benefits of Shared Workouts:

Shared Motivation, Amplified Results:

Working out with a friend transforms the gym into a dynamic playground. The energy, the encouragement, and the shared goals create a motivational force like no other. When you’re tempted to hit snooze, knowing your workout buddy is waiting can be the extra push you need to rise and shine.

Accountability Partners Make Commitments Stick:

It’s easy to bail on a solo workout when life gets hectic. But when you’ve got a fitness buddy counting on you, skipping the gym becomes a rare occurrence. The accountability factor not only keeps you consistent but also strengthens your commitment to your fitness journey.

Variety is the Spice of Fitness Life:

Our refer-a-friend promotion is not just about sharing the love; it’s about diversifying your fitness routine. Bringing a friend introduces a fresh perspective, encouraging you to explore new classes, workouts, and challenges together. It’s like having your own fitness adventure team!

Healthy Competition Sparks Soulful Growth:

A bit of friendly competition between workout partners can be a powerful motivator. Whether it’s pushing each other to run faster, lift heavier, or hold that yoga pose longer, the spirit of healthy competition fosters growth and progress.

The Joy of Shared Victories:

The exhilaration of achieving fitness milestones is magnified when you have someone to share it with. From conquering a challenging class to hitting personal records, the joy of success is amplified when experienced together. Your victories become a shared tapestry of achievement.

How the “Refer a Friend” Promotion Enhances the Soul.Train Experience:

Our “Refer a Friend” promotion is more than just an opportunity to snag a free month of membership. It’s a chance to extend the Soul.Train family, to share the transformative energy of our fitness haven with someone close to your heart. By inviting a friend, you not only enrich their fitness journey but also deepen the communal spirit that makes Soul.Train Fitness truly unique.


How to Participate:

  1. Grab a 14 day free voucher from the gym.
  2. Have them email Kourtney at kourtney@soultrainfitness.com to get set up
  3. They’ll have access to Unlimited Team Training, Unlimited Specialty Classes, Unlimited Small Group
  4. If they sign up for a membership YOU get a FREE month of membership!


The essence of the Soul.Train Fitness journey lies in the collective growth of a community driven by a passion for movement. It goes beyond individual transformations, inviting you to experience the advantages of exercising with a friend. Extend an invitation, welcome them into the Soul.Train experience, and witness how shared energy can enhance your fitness experience.

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