Team Soul.Train.

Jonathan Medeiros

Soul.train. Owner; Certified Personal Trainer ACSM, NASM, Kettlebell, Crossfit level 1

As owner and founder of soul.train. A Mind & Body Fitness Studio, Jonathan Medeiros’ mission is to bring excitement surrounding fitness/wellness to the community. A lifelong resident of the Cambridge/Somerville area, it is important that the communities closest to him are able to benefit from his passion and knowledge of fitness.

First certified as a Personal Trainer in 2001, Jonathan has worked in both private training studios and large corporate gym structures. He has also coached Football and Wrestling on several different levels.

His primary source of motivation has been watching is only sibling, Kristina, overcome every physical obstacle that she has been presented with. Kristina has Down syndrome but has been able to compete in sports, particularly gymnastics, at a high level. She not only has won over 100 medals competing in the Special Olympics, but also competed at the high school level for Cambridge. Proof that anything is possible when it comes to overcoming physical obstacles.

When creating soul.train., he wanted to be able to deliver a wide variety of opportunity for functional movement training. His philosophy behind functional training (functioning outside of the gym) is improving overall quality of life while also reaching personal goals at the same time. Realizing that there are so many of genres of people and genres of training, Jonathan wanted to be able to reach everyone with soul.train. This is why the facility is designed the way it is called “soul.train.” There are two levels at soul.train., the top level is where the Team Training classes are held and is the “soul”, while the lower level or “train” is where most of the personal training takes place. Although a certain philosophy is kept, there is no limit when it comes to delivering specific training to whomever.

Erica Bornstein

Yoga and Dance Instructor

Erica Bornstein is a yoga and dance teacher, choreographer, and lover of all movement. She fell in love with yoga at a very young age when she was introduced to it as a way to stay in top dancer shape, but later in life discovered it was so much more than that. As an adult, she developed a regular yoga practice, and noticed that it brought her to feel this sense of balance in her body and her mind. Other physical activity became easier, and she approached difficult situations in life with a much more open attitude. Erica found herself constantly talking to people about yoga, thinking about yoga, reading about yoga, so she decided to see what would happen if she registered for a teacher training in 2010.

Erica now is a full-time yoga teacher and could not be more thrilled to be a part of the incredible yoga community in Boston. Erica teaches an athletic vinyasa flow, with focus on basics and alignment, with some advanced options sprinkled in, and she encourages students to personalize their practice for their own needs. She teaches yoga with a sense of fun and creativity, always has a killer playlist, and her humor and playful spirit is ever present in her classes. Overall, Erica believes that yoga is an accommodating practice, accessible to all people, that requires only loving care for the body and the willingness to keep an open mind and heart. Her number one mission in life is to encourage everyone to love yoga, or at least to try it.

In addition to yoga, Erica wanted to find some way of keeping her foot in the door of the dance world, so she started teaching Hip-Hop Dance Camp. Her HHDC classes are unique because of her extensive dance training which makes the choreography interesting and extremely high energy, so come prepared to WORK, smile and sweat during all of her classes!

Kourtney Petty

Hi, I’m Kourtney! I have always led a very active lifestyle and had a passion for fitness, but after my two years of college basketball I let my fitness slip and was not liking the way I felt. While finishing up college I started working at the front desk of a sports club and had a regained passion for fitness. I loved the healthy and positive environment, and learning fun new tricks of the trade from the trainers there. It was then I decided that this was the path I wanted to follow.
I became a NASM certified trainer a year and a half ago and certified in TRX last January. My favorite part about training is seeing progress and new found confidence in clients.
Maeve Byrne

Maeve has has been dancing her whole life… growing up in jazz classes, cheerleading…and joining the Kickline team in college – dance has always been a major part of her life. Years later, fitness and dance are even more important to her. After a long and stressful day at work she knows there’s nothing like dancing it all away and getting in shape! She discovered Zumba and fell in love! By learning fun, sexy dance moves and burning calories, she soon forgot it’s a workout and began to think of it as a dance party!

Maeve has been listed as one of the Top 3 Zumba Instructors in Boston 2 years in a row and hopes everyone will fall in love with Zumba as much as she has! Every class is a party and all you have to do follow her lead – it’s that simple!
For more info on Maeve, visit her Facebook Fan Page.
Fern Bent-Mullings

I have been a personal trainer since 2007 and am certified by the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA).
I love working with all types of people, including those recovering from injuries, senior citizens, and especially brides to be! I feel that having the ability to push someone to limits they would not do themselves is extremely rewarding. I love what I do and would not have it any other way!




Chris Belloste

Chris has always had a passion for sport and fitness and found his niche with boxing 4 years ago. He has trained, competed, and coached at local boxing gyms and has now brought his interpretation of a Boot Camp style Boxing class to Soul.Train.! Being born and raised only minutes from Soul.Train., he has a true commitment to the community and those who live in it and can’t wait to share his fitness style with us. His two sons keep him on his toes and competitive, but also teach him patience and compassion, which enables him to be successful with any client type. So whether you have boxing experience or not, Chris will teach you and make it fun at the same time. Although Chris loves Boxing, he is not limited to that single style of training. He is an experienced all around trainer and is available for Personal Training no matter what your goals may be. He’s looking forward to seeing you soon!
Hannah Williams

As a trainer, I know that each client’s fitness journey is unique. I have worked with clients ranging in age, strength levels, experience, abilities, and the opportunities to be stronger, move better and move more efficiently are endless.  Whether it is coaching advanced Olympic Weightlifting techniques, or creating a foundation with basic bodyweight training and breathing patterns, I love seeing the “AHA!” moment when something clicks and it all falls into place. Learn to lift, learn to move, learn to breathe, walk, run, learn to use your body to your own advantage. I strive to be able to help people live their lives in a way where their bodies are no longer the thing that stops them from doing what they want to do.

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